Successful for the production of the future
with connected intelligence
Industry 4.0 & IIoT-solutions for smart factory and digital production

IoT Industry 4.0 - Digital Factory & ITC EngineeringIIoT software solutions for intelligent production

Industrial Internet of Things für nachhaltige Industrien

Increase efficiency & production
with fully automated production

We revolutionize production & logistics in your company with professional IIoT solutions & intelligent systems.
  • For quick reactions in real time,
  • a high degree of automation
  • and high quality product & service
As solution architects & experts for ITC structures, we support you in all phases of digital transformation - from IoT consulting to implementation and commissioning of fully automated manufacturing systems.
With the help of real-time analyzes, intelligent condition monitoring and remote support services, you create real added value for yourself, customers and business partners.
This way you can react quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs as required and use the potential of the entire value chain for yourself.

bintellix® – IIoT solutions for the smart factory & manufacturing

Your company's resources and systems are a rich source of unused data that open up entirely new development opportunities. With Industry 4.0 software & technologies, we give you access to this relevant information in 3 steps:
  1. Analysis of your specific needs
  2. Determination of undiscovered potential
  3. Turn digital features into concrete results
  • Efficiency and effectiveness

    Benefit from minimized sources of error and maximum functionality within all processes.
  • Transparency & total control

    Ensure control and transparency along your entire supply chain and value chain
  • Flexibility & freedom

    Enjoy fast responsiveness through real-time data thanks to manufacturer-independent technologies.
Digital-Twin für nachhaltiges Industrial IoT

Digital twins & smart factory 4.0
- added value at all levels

The advantages of digital change do not lie in digitization, but in the intelligent connection of all systems, machines, robots, sensors and devices (keyword: networked production).
Scalability, real-time capability, interoperability and IoT security form the foundation of a powerful IIoT solution architecture.
Thanks to adaptive IIoT interfaces and high-performance IIoT software, we enable vertical and horizontal system integration of all relevant processes involved.
And thus ensure transparent, clearly defined and efficient processes & systems in large and small production units.
In addition, with bintellix®s manufacturing solutions & its digital factory software, you will ensure operational sustainability and resource efficiency that create new synergies.

Powerful connections instead of hardly binded

Agile IT architectures & ITC engineering for smart factories

The advantages of AI, machine learning and decentralized networking are immense.
Predictive maintenance, low-energy manufacturing and scalable systems that support the natural growth of your company are just a few of many examples.

Our focus:

The continuous increase
in safety & economy
in your company.

We create intelligence

We create the digital structures in your company for:
  • seamless production chains
  • shorter innovation cycles
  • flexible and adaptive production processes
  • highly automated processes
  • efficient production controls
  • Smart data for further process optimization
  • consistent flow of information
  • Information security at a high level
  • correct use of AI and ML technologies
  • visual display for control and analysis
  • market-specific, individual offers
  • more effective customer loyalty
Digitale Fertigung und Produktionsoptimierung

Digital manufacturing & manufacturing 4.0

Take advantage of the variety of possibilities and options that Industry 4.0 opens up to large and small companies.
Coordinated processes, fully automated maintenance, timely anomaly detection - the Smart Factory organizes itself and simplifies the entire production and logistics management.

The result for your production systems:

  • more flexible production processes
  • increased level of automation
  • reduced failure rates
  • improved quality management
  • transparent process monitoring
Digitale Infrastruktur als Basis für IoT-Industry

Digital infrastructures & IIoT software solutions

Modernize and secure your IT landscapes with a clean & strong ITC architecture & transparent interfaces.
IIoT systems & components give companies in the IoT industry sustainability, competitiveness and innovative strength.
This is exactly where we start and offer you well-thought-out concepts and needs-based solutions.

How you can benefit from:

  • future-proof ICT solution architecture
  • highest data security
  • flexible adjustments & extensions
Digitale Fertigung und Produktionsoptimierung

The digital twin & the intelligent factory

Improve your business performance with IIoT & Digital Twins.
Sensor data, test paths, product documentaries - the digital twin is based on a treasure trove of real-time data, which enable risk-free simulations.
However, digital models of manufacturing cells & entire factories are more than virtual images of physical objects & processes. They also guarantee high level of synchronization ability & better testability.

Your other advantages:

  • parallelization of development and control
  • Decoupling of specific problems of the analog & digital world
  • specialized process chains for (physical & virtual)
  • simplified configuration management
Man and machine in dialog
- that is connected intelligence

IIoT development & Industrie 4.0 solutions

bintellix® – Full service agency for ITC engineering & IoT industry

Decentralized intelligence is the concept for success on which our many years of experience in the Industry of Things are based.
We support you on the way to the Smart & green factory with personal advice, the professional set-up & the seamless integration of manufacturing systems and agile process development.
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  • Intelligent software
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